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News! Congratulations on the complete success of Jiujiuwang Food's participation in the 5th Cross-Strait Food Fair!

2021/7/23 0:00:001468

On July 22, 2021, the Fifth Cross-Strait Food Fair and the Eighth Fujian-Taiwan (Quanzhou) Food Fair closed perfectly at Quanzhou Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a leading domestic expert in the breath-freshening food industry, Jiujiuwang Food International was invited to participate in this exhibition, adding splendor to this exhibition.

As a grand festival for the food industry across the Taiwan Strait, Jiujiuwang has been a partner of this exhibition for many sessions. During the short three-day exhibition period from July 20 to 22, 2021, Jiujiuwang led a strong team and independently developed products participating in the exhibition.At the same time, we gather together with many dealer friends and industry partners in this fair. The exhibition site is very lively!

Now let us review and feel the lively scene together.

At the Jiujiuwang exhibition site, from the design style of the booth to the presentation of the brand image, from the spirit of the team to the feedback from customers, we have won the high attention and recognition of the customers and partners on the spot. The atmosphere climaxed one after another.

Jiujiuwang Food International won the outstanding special booth of Fujian-Taiwan Food Fair.

The domineering strength attracted countless eyes, and Jiujiuwang's booth was crowded with people. From the start, merchants and exhibitors have been coming to the booth of Jiujiuwang for consultation.

Leaders of relevant departments visited the booth of Jiujiuwang for a visit and guidance.

Special new products, stunning appearance.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people have gradually pursued the enjoyment of healthy and characteristic diets, and pursued an emotional and comfortable life. With its good taste, sweets have been recognized by consumers, and the industry has continued to grow and become one of the indispensable forces to promote the development of the food industry.

In order to better meet consumer demand, and even lead consumer demand, Jiujiuwang Foods constantly examines itself, upgrades technology, polishes products, renews packaging, and innovates marketing, radiating young consumer vitality. At this food fair, Jiujiuwang Foods grandly launched a variety of products, which were stunningly displayed on the exhibition site, adding a special flavor to the gourmet gathering.

Jiujiuwang’s new strategic product launched at this exhibition adds fruit juice, vitamin C and collagen peptides. Among them, vitamin C and collagen peptides can inhibit the production of melanin. On the basis of this formula, two aerated gummy of "Cube Fruit Treasure" and "easy fruit treasure" are made.

‘Cube Fruit Treasure’ series of products

The 20g series of 'Cube Fruit Treasure' is soft and cute, moisturizing, sweet and sour, delicious and not greasy; 60g series, contains collagen peptide and vitamin C, inhibits melanin production, and enhances the product's moisturizing feeling. The product design concept resembles a Rubik's Cube, which has the characteristics of fun and play, and evokes memories of the Rubik's Cube. Why is it called  'Cube Fruit Treasure'? Because it looks like Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Cube has a sense of exploration and mystery, so it is called Rubik's Cube. Why is it called " Fruit Treasure ", because the sugar body is added with fruit juice and is rich in vitamin C and other elements, which supplements the daily requirement of vitamin C, so it is called " Fruit Treasure ".

'Easy Fruit Treasure' series of products

'Easy Fruit Treasure' 20g series, delicious but not fat, sweet but not greasy and non-sticky, none fat, added vitamin C juice. You can eat with confidence, at the same time, you can also enjoy DIY and eat together, such as fruit fish, yogurt, Burning grass, ice cream. 60g series, delicious but not fat. The design concept of the product is the realistic diamond appearance, which is made by sugar, blended with vitamin C and fruit juice, reflecting the rarity of the product; diamonds are usually sold in grams, reflecting their lightness, so it is called "Easy"; The sugar body and outer packaging design realizes the unified output image of the product and is easy to remember.

Chewable tablets series products

12 grams of chewable tablets, fresh breath, fast refreshing, added lutein ester, collagen peptide; packaging design concept with a convenient design with open windows, improve the cleanliness of the product, easy to carry.

Coffee candy series products

The coffee sugar product launched this time selects the raw materials of Ethiopian specialty coffee flavor, ultra-finely ground coffee bean powder; strong aroma, pure and full taste; this refreshing product is a good companion for work and home, also suitable for young people while driving, meetings, working, overtime working, playing games;

Other display series products—

Through the communication platform of this exhibition, Jiujiuwang listened to the voice of every friend, shared every achievement, and recorded every interaction. Thank you to every friend for stopping by at our booth among all those booths in the past few days, and we are looking forward to working with you all the way together to create better success in the future.