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News | Concentrate and create the future together-Jiujiuwang Food Outdoor Development Activity

2021/9/6 15:49:081393

On July 24-25, 2021, the labor union of Jiujiuwang Foodstuff Industrial Co., Ltd. Fujian organized the production and technical team crew to carry out outdoor development activities with the theme of "Concentrate and Create the Future", aiming to exercise the team's spirit of sincere cooperation, and make progress together.

In the morning of the first day, after gathering, grouping, and flag-giving ceremony in front of the company's office building, we took the bus to Julong Town of Hui'an, and started outdoor outreach training for two days.


After arriving at the venue, the instructor briefly explained the training requirements and then proceeded to select the team leader, team secretary, security officer, as well as team slogans, formations and other content. The team display session enables the teams to break the gap in an instant, quickly integrate into the team, and lay the foundation for the next team projects.

After that, we carried out the project of "Fetching water from Qunlong". This challenge made everyone understand that it is impossible to complete the task only by personal strength, and mutual trust in the team is the key.

After breaking the ice and challenges in the morning, the team had a preliminary understanding. Summer afternoons always make people drowsy, and a set of simple movements to catch the money dance began to the sound of music. But the melody is too fast, and most people can't keep up with the rhythm, so the instructor jokingly calls our team dance "dancing demons". Amidst uncoordinated body rhythms and laughter, the afternoon challenge project started.

What is impressive is the ping-pong passing game called "Pearl Traveling Ten Thousand Miles". Each member must cooperate fully, not only fast, but also stable, in order to complete the task in the shortest time. The seemingly simple game is also related to our production assembly line work, so that everyone understands that looking forward to the front, doing yourself well, and making it easy for the rear are the basic elements of teamwork.



The next "go up and up" requires team members to form a circle to pull the rope, and cooperate to make the irregular blocks placed on the ground move up together in sequence. The progress of the process must not only ensure the completion speed, but also ensure that the foundation is laid.



The first day of the itinerary ended with the starry sky, buffet barbecue, cold beer, and Coke.

The most exciting project on the second day is the "High-altitude Path". An altitude of more than ten meters is a big challenge for players who are afraid of heights. There were a few people who said they were afraid of heights, but finally they bravely put on the safety rope and walked forward, relying on the cooperation and refueling of the team members to overcome the fear and complete the high-altitude challenge.




The second project, "Indiana Jones", emphasizes team planning and communication. There are 17 pairs of the same " treasures" hidden under the 34 hats. Each team sends two players to uncover the hats. If the " treasures" under the hats are consistent, they can be taken away, and if they are inconsistent, they will be returned. Each team showed their magical powers, using wooden sticks to mark the ground, some holding paper and pen for marking, and some using amazing brains to remember the things under the hat... After all the team projects, the instructor Leading us to summarize, the team members actively spoke about their feelings about the two-day expansion.



In the end, a cool kayak ended our two-day trip. Looking forward to our future work, we will be able to sway the oars, chop the waves and compete in the wind.